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1931 Casualty List

January 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 01 January 1932

1931 Casualty List


2 – Dominic Gilmore (14), 20, Braithwell Street, Denaby, crushed and killed by tubs in Cadeby Main Colliery

Harold Herd, 167, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, killed by the collision of the motor lorry he was driving with an express train at Checker House, Retford. Accident due to fog.

3 – Henry Hickling, 14, Hope Street, Low Valley, Darfield, fatally burned while playing with Christmas candles.

11 – Ted Wood (10) 7, Wragby Row, Adwick-on-Dearne, killed by a motor-car at Roman Terrace.

12 – Albert Monks (16), pony driver, of 26 York Street, Mexboro’, killed by a fall of roof in Manvers Main Colliery.

16 – Evelyn Bray (22), 5, William Street. Denaby Main, found dead in bed. Death stated at the inquest to have been by want of nourishment. Verdict of “Death from natural causes,” and husband reproved for lack of attention.

17 – Mrs. Lily Hague (47), of Turner Street. Great Houghton, knocked down and fatally injured by passenger ‘bus at Great Houghton.

21 – Brenda Stevenson (6). 64. Swinton Road. Mexboro’, killed by a lorry near her home.

25—Outbreak of fire at Manor Farm, Brampton Bierlow. The tenant, Mrs. Martha Ann Downing, widow, aged 56, collapsed and died owing to shock.

26–Suicide by hanging owing to illness and depression of Kate Ethel Lazenby (55), wife of Geo. Wm. Lazenby, quarryman. School Street, Darfield.

Willie Bray (24), road roller driver. Melton Road, Barnburgh, killed in a motor-cycle accident at Doncaster, due to skidding.

27 – David Thomas (43), fruiterer, of Church Street, Conisboro’, hanged himself. Both his parents had committed suicide by hanging.


23 – John Richard Parry, greaser, 15, Warmsworth Street, Denaby Main, caught in screening machinery at Denaby Main Colliery and killed.


5 – Thomas 15 Lindale Gardens, Goldthorpe, killed by roof in Barnburgh colliery.

7 – John Win. Brown (39), Francis Street, Ackworth, killed by fall of rock in Ackworth stone quarry.

11 – George Hibbert  (51), dataller, Queen Street, Swinton, fatally injured in Manvers Main Colliery. Open verdict at inquest.

22 – Joseph Edgar Denton (36), plumber, 41, Doncaster Road, Darfield, missing from home since Feb. 11, found drowned in River Dearne at Bolton.


2 – George Fredk. Globe (42), carter, 12, Winifred Street, Mexboro’, found drowned in canal at Rotherham. Verdict of “Suicide while of unsound mind.”

8 – William Arthur Clarke (12), 35, Charles Street, Swinton, killed by lorry in Station street, Swinton.

14 – George Wm. Barber, grocer, 8, Wath Road, Mexboro’, killed, and one of his passengers, Ernest W. Cutforth, retired farmer, Wroot, fatally injured in a collision between a motor-car driven by Mr. Barber and motor-lorry at Hampton cross roads near Retford.

James Hampshire (59), miner, 10, Coronation Street, Darfield, found dead in an allotment hut near his home with throat cut and skull split. Verdict of “Suicide while of unsound mind.”

24 – Joseph Stainrod (60) of Denaby Main, fatally crushed by an electric trolley ‘bus from which he had alighted.


2 – lsabel Cook (54), 121, Dearne Road, Bolton, accidentally gassed in her own home.

12 – John Henry Hart (53), railway foreman, 24, Doncaster Road, Mexboro’, committed suicide by cutting his throat.

18 – Robert Applewhite (36), miner, 47, Sopps’s Terrace, Mexboro’, fatally injured by a fall of stone in Cadeby Colliery

28 – George Lynam (I8), pony driver, Chapel Street, Swinton, drowned while bathing in the Dearne at Harlington.


5 – George Henry Bates, sanitary Inspector to Bolton UDC found dead from gas poisoning at his home. Verdict recorded of “Suicide while of unsound mind.”

11 – William Shaw (20), for New St, Hemingfield, fatally injured at Cortonwood Colliery. Verdict of “Death by misadventure” returned.

12 – Joseph Page, George Street, Low Valley, fatally injured at Darfield Main. Verdict of “death by misadventure” returned

13—John Wm. Charle6worth (51), 114, Burman Road, Wath-on-Dearne, found drowned at Wath. Open verdict returned.

28 – Sidney Harry Eary (14), 48, Ivanhoe Road, Conisboro, broke his neck in fall from a lorry. Verdict of “Death by misadventure.


12 – Fred Smith (5), 2, Alfred Place, Mexborough, drowned in canal under bridge, in Station Road. Verdict “Accidental death. ”

14 – Lloyd Newbold (18), pony driver, 42, Taylor Road, Newhill, collapsed and died while playing football.

22 – Albert Smithson 72, Clifton Street, Denaby Main, killed in road accident. Verdict: “Accidental death.”


18— Mrs Ellen Goodliffe (60), of Wickersley, formerly of Mexboro’, received fatal injuries in motor accident at Sheffield.

28 – Harold Kemp (51). Mexboro’, one of the oldest members of Mexboro’ Fire Brigade, electrocuted at Baker’s Works, Kilnhurst.


4 – Thomas Barratt (assistant), batch mixer, 55, Oliver Street, Mexborough, fatally crushed by drum resultant of break in crane hook