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1948 Quarter 3

Wedding – Green & John

July 1948
South Yorkshire Times July 31, 1948 Charming Bride at this July wedding at Harrow-on-the-Hill, was Miss Jos' Green, Harrow, who married Lieut. E. T. John, R.N.,...

Guernsey to Goldthorpe

August 1948
South Yorkshire Times August 28, 1948 Guernsey to Goldthorpe All the way from Guernsey to Goldthorpe for a holiday just to show their appreciation and gratitude...

Signed with Huddersfield Town

21 August 1948
South Yorkshire Times August 21, 1948 Signed with Huddersfield Town Dearne, too, has every prospect of being the birthplace of yet another first-class footballer: This time Richard...

“Next Please!”

September 1948
South Yorkshire Times September 11, 1948 "Next Please!” For Orange Juice as Coun. F. Healey, watched by -Mr. F. B. Walker (Food Executive Officer) and mothers...