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1948 Quarter 1

Walking through the Tulip Fields

January 1948
South Yorkshire Times, January 17, 1948 Mr. Fred Stones, of Goldthorpe, is among this party of Dutch people marching through the tulip fields in Holland...

50 p.c. Absent at Some Yorkshire Pits

January 1948
Yorkshire Evening Post - Saturday 03 January 1948 50 p.c. Absent at Some Yorkshire Pits Absenteeism in the pits to-day—last day the National Coal Board's...

Former Highgate Director’s Trip to U.S.A.

January 1948
South Yorkshire Times, January 10, 1948 Former Highgate Director's Trip Push-Button Mechanisation How U.S.A. Gets High Output Average Lately returned from a 7,000 miles tour of...

Leaving Barnburgh

February 1948
Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 21, 1948 Leaving Barnburgh Mr Olwyn Fairhurst, manager of Barnburgh Main Colliery, leaves at the end of this month to take...

Retired Pit Pony

February 1948
South Yorkshire Times February 7, 1948 No wonder Bob gives our cameraman the horse-laugh. This 35-year-old retired Barnburgh pit pony has been " adopted "...

Textile Specials

February 1948
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 14 February 1948 Textile Specials If you stand on the Huddersfield road, outside Barnsley, a little before 6...