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Overcharging – Goldthorpe Butcher Heavily Fined.


Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 25 October 1919


Goldthorpe Butcher Heavily Fined.

Thotnus A. Exley, butcher, Goldthorpe, appeared at Doncaster West Riding Court to-day to answer summonses for breach of the Meat Prices Order, and there were three summonses against Bessie Hallows, the shop assistant.

Mr. A. Neal, M.P. Sheffield, appeared for the Food Control Committee, and Mr. Willey, Leeds, for the defence.

Three of the summonses against Exley were for failing to exhibit the food prices, and three for selling sausages above the maximum price. The assistant was charged with selling.

The sausages were sold at 1s. 9d. per lb., whereas the price was Is 7d. Defendant pleaded guilty, and accepted full responsibility for the acts of the assistant.

In defence Mr. Willey pointed out the difficulty of complying with all the orders, and said that defendant thought he was honestly entitled to make the charges, seeing that the sausages contained 70 per cent, of pork. He added that two well-known firms had obtained permission to charge Is. 9d. on giving guarantee that the sausages contained 67 per Cent, of meat.

A fine of £20 was imposed in one case, and the defendants were ordered to pay the costs in the other cases