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Barnboro’ Main Pit Re-Opening

October 1938

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 13 October 1938

Barnboro’ Main Pit Re-Opening

The good news spread through Goldthorpe and district last night that work was to be resumed in the Barnsley seam of the Barnborough Main Colliery.

The pit was closed down eight months ago following a stoppage.

Mr. Arthur Williams, the branch secretary, told a “Daily Independent’’ correspondent last night that between 50  and 60 men had already been set on for the purpose of cleaning and repairing the underground roads. Thirty of them are begin work next Monday, and the remainder will start on the Monday following.

The dale for a general resumption of work had not yet been fixed.

Work For 500

Mr. Williams said the information would passed on to him as soon the management had reached a decision.

It is expected that work will be found for 500 men and boys and others will be engaged later as openings are provided.

When the colliery was close, nearly 2000 men and boys were affected.

Many have since found work elsewhere.

Mr Williams said that preference will be given to those who are still unemployed.

The closing of the colliery was a severe blow to Goldthorpe and Bolton on Dearne tradespeople.

As previously reported, the spending power of the district was seriously affected. Tradesmen had experienced decreases from 10 to 40% in their turnover.