A Fight at Goldthorpe.

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 September 1902

A Fight at Goldthorpe.

Andrew Garrity, Themes Burke, Edward Garrity and Thomas McNicholas, all miners, of Goldthorpe, were summoned for having made an affray at Hickleton on the 7th inst.

The Garrity’s did not appear.

P.c. Wressell mid that at 9.15 a.m. on Sunday, the 7th inst he saw the defendant on the highway between Goldthorpe and Hickleton. Andrew Garrity and Burke were fighting, with a crowd of about 60 persons around them. Burke knocked Garrity down. Afterwards the other two defendants went into the ring, and commenced fighting.

With another policeman —who was in plain clothes—the witness tried to get near to them, but an alarm was raised, and the crowd made off. The police followed, and found Andrew Garrity on the ground. He had two black eyes, his arm were very near useless, and he asked for a drink of water. The witness afterwards saw Burke, and he appeared to have injured.

Charles Baker, a labourer, said he saw the fighting for about twenty-five minutes. They had their shirts off.

Burke and McNichols, admitted the offence.

The defendants were each ordered to pay the costs, which amounted to 14s in each case.